Steps to reproduce:
  1. Set up a custom field of “Multi-select“ type, make sure it is “Enabled for all projects“ when it’s created
  2. Use this field in some cases, apply the values
  3. Go to Dashboard and set up CF Distribution widget
  4. Try to choose this new Multi-select field to be displayed on distribution widget
Actual result:
Custom field is not available as an option for the widget.
Once you go back to the field settings and enable it for a specific project or projects and save, it appears in a widget.
After that, if you reset the field to be enabled for all projects, it will appear in the widget.
The problem is in the initial state of “Enable for all projects“ - if a field was enabled for all, it will not appear until the settings of the field are modified to be enabled for a specific project.
Expected result:
Multiselect custom field should be available for selection.