Hi folks! We are looking at our licensing situation as Qase is getting more and more popular! Im having some troubles in trying to figure out an efficient way of approaching the number of write users.
The high level goal for us is to get all developers involved into testing activities, which includes e.g. the whole team executing regression tests. However depending on team size, test automation coverage and their agreements running a regression suite might happen only 1x/2months/person. In these cases it does not seem reasonable to assign full time write access and pay for the one regression cycle only (~1day of usage / 2months). Also I don't want to see the QA being the one who needs to figure out who needs write access today and do the access management manually.
Have you encountered this previously and how would you suggest handling this? Personally I would be interested in a model, where e.g. when logging in user could select if they use write or read-only access and we would pay for x number of "concurrent write users".
The problem is that there are many people in dev teams internally who want to use Qase, but they may be involved in using Qase very infrequently (once-twice a month or once every few months even, when they do a regression). Such a usage pattern for them is related to QA team being responsible for manual user management - swapping read-only and regular user licenses whenever the need occurs.