Currently, the "Action" and "Expected result" columns on the "PDF" export are too narrow, causing the text to wrap over multiple lines.
  1. Reduce the Font size.
  2. Reduce the "Step" and "Input Data" columns.
  3. Increase the size of the "Action" and "Expect Result" columns accordingly.
  4. Change the vertical alignment of text to be "Top Aligned" instead "Centre Aligned".
  5. Add vertical line as a separator, so allow for less of a gap between each column.
  6. Allow for "Input Data" column to be either optional and/or the last column (instead of the middle column).
  7. As an alternate to item 6, possibly move "Input Data" to be underneath the step. This would free up real-estate and allow for wider "Action" and "Expected Results" columns.
NOTE: The font size still needs to be reduced by one.